Week of 8/31 – Unit 1 Ends

Monday, 8/31 – Today is performance task day!  Our socio-grams will be presented in gallery walk style as an informal presentation.  You will complete the written component of the socio-gram as an in-class assignment.

Tuesday, 9/1 – Today is our summative assessment for House on Mango Street, Part 1. You will begin today by reading a chapter from House on Mango Street and completing the SOAPStone analysis on your own.

Summative Essay Prompt:

Analyze the rhetorical techniques of House on Mango Street (using the SOAPSTone technique, style, figurative language, persuasive appeals, etc) examining what Cisneros uses to deliver the book’s messages. Support your analysis with direct quotes from the text. Ideas to consider: 1. What were the cultural, political, and social circumstances at the time of the book’s publications that might directly impact the writer’s message? 2. How did the author’s biographical and educational background lead him/her to writing this book? 3. What strategies of rhetoric and persuasion does the writer employ? 4. What entails good writing? Provide some direct examples from the book and explain how those passages constitute good writing.

We will take a look at Sandra Cisneros and how her own story is incorporated into House on Mango Street.  We will also take a look at Chicago during the 1940s. Your table group will divided these two articles and analyze using a jigsaw method.

We will begin our brainstorming process today on our summative writing prompt. We will use SOAPSTone as our brainstorm method for our introduction paragraph.

Wednesday, 9/2 – Today, you will analyze a chapter from House on Mango Street using the SOAPSTone analysis method.

Then we will move in to our writing time.

Today, we will move through the BODY paragraphs of our analysis. We will practice the critique method we reviewed yesterday.  Our focus today is on incorporating strong text evidence from our analysis.  We will synthesize text evidence from the biography and historical context articles as well as our analysis of the first 7 chapters of HOMS.

Thursday, 9/3 – New Unit, New Seats, New Goals!

Today, we begin our new unit. In this unit, we will learn 5 characteristics of Individualism as we seek to discover another common theme within American literature.

Friday, 9/4 – Expressions!

Today, we will have an expressions day.  This will allow us to demonstrate our own individualism as begin this unit focused on this theme.

Week of 8/24 – Fear as an Argument Tool

Monday, 8/24 – Today, we will read “Boys and Girls” from House on Mango Street and complete our rhetorical analysis journal (SOAPSTone).  We will also introduce McCarthyism by using political cartoons and images to understand how The Crucible and McCarthy are related. We will use the Gallery Walk to continue our analysis.

Tuesday, 8/25 – Today, we will read “My Name” from House on Mango Street and complete our rhetorical analysis journal (SOAPSTone).  You will receive the Sociogram Instructions which will be our unit assessment.  The socio-gram is an individual assignment and is due on Friday, 8/28. We will continue our character analysis in Act II of The Crucible. 

HW – Review Sociogram instructions and brainstorm ideas.

Wednesday, 8/26 Today, we will read “Cathy Queen of Cats” from House on Mango Street and complete our rhetorical analysis journal (SOAPSTone).

We will continue our character analysis in Act III of The Crucible. 

HW – Review character analysis worksheet and begin draft of sociogram.

Thursday, 8/27 Today, we will review “Our Good Day” from House on Mango Street and complete our rhetorical analysis journal (SOAPSTone).

We will continue our character analysis in Act IV of The Crucible

HW – Finalize socio-gram assessment.

Friday, 8/28 Today, we will review “Laughter” from House on Mango Street and complete our rhetorical analysis journal (SOAPSTone).

You will have 20 minutes to complete the written component (symbol explanation and line explanation) for your socio-gram in class.

After your written component is completed, you will present your socio-gram in a gallery walk style informal presentation.

Week of 8/17 – Fear as a Motivator

Monday 8/17 – Today we will learn a new analysis tool – Soapstone.  This acronym tool will help us to analyze texts throughout the semester.  We will use this tool on our SalemWitchTrialsDBQ We will use a gallery walk to explore the documents surrounding this historical event.  We will also read a background essay to get ourselves acquainted with this actual event in America’s history.

HW – Bring House on Mango Street to class tomorrow along with a 3 prong notebook/binder and a spiral/composition book.

Tuesday 8/18 – We begin our rhetorical analysis today of House on Mango Street. As we read this parallel reading text, we will focus on the four major themes in American literature: tolerance, American Dream, cultural diversity and individualism.  This text will provide us an opportunity to analyze rhetorical devices to determine two or more themes in a text.

After we read and analyze the first chapter, we will participate in our own challenge.  Be prepared to work to achieve victory.

Wednesday 8/19 – Today, we will continue in House on Mango Street’s analysis.  We are working to develop our analysis.  See attached handout for How to write a rhetorical analysis essay. After our language and rhetoric analysis, we will begin our analysis of The Crucible – Act I.

Today’s focus is on character analysis and drama technical terms.  By the end of this unit, you should know the following terms: stage directions, plot: exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, denoument/conclusion; character, allegory; fourth wall; monologue; comedy, satire, theater of the absurd;

After our analysis of Act I, you will receive the Makerspace Instructions for Thursday.  We will review the instructions and the safety guidelines.  You will have a few minutes to begin the casting director’s role.

HW – Finish research for the casting director’s role.

Thursday, 8/20 – Today is Makerspace Day!! Not only today will you discover the role of a casting director and costume designer, but you will also get to explore the role of puppet maker.


Friday, 8/21 – Today we will present our makerspace creations and explore the role of talent agent.

Week of August 10th

Monday, 8/10- it’s another homeroom day, so 1st and 2nd period are shorter than normal. We will continue our expectation creation and spend time reviewing what we learned last week. 4th period- we will make sure everyone has a blog set up and take a look at Thank You For Arguing chapter 1.  Today is all about communication.  This video gives us 5 ingredients to all communication.

Tuesday- 1st/2nd period- we will work on our blogs and review Chapter 1 of Thank You For Arguing. 4th period- we will have another day to workshop blogs.

Wednesday- we are all on the same page today, taking our common assessment pre-test.

Thursday- today, we will review literary periods through an interesting note taking session. Be prepared to listen to this narrative approach. CornellNotes – Literary Periods We will also have fun with a round of kahoot!

Friday- another week in review! WeekInReview#2  After our second quiz, we will work to create a timeline including the LiteraryPeriodChart.  And then we’ll take a sneak peek into The Crucible. 

Day One, Week One – Let’s Do This!!

Monday, 8/3 Today, we are on an altered schedule, so 1st and 2nd periods are super short.  We will review basic procedures for class and go over a few supplies you will need. 4th Period – we are going to get some Explicit work done!  See you there :-)

Don’t forget to bring your blog address with you to class!

Tuesday, 8/4 – Today, we explore key standards for reading and speaking & listening.  First, we start off with explicit vs. inferences.  How do you read an image?  What are the explicit details?  What inferences can you make?  And of course today, we start to learn more about each other and the hopes and dreams we each have.  As we analyze the logo’s, we will begin our discussion of branding.  What kind of brand do you have? Do you need re-rebranding?

Wednesday, 8/5 – We’ve been together for a few days now, so let’s talk expectations and multiple intelligences. If you haven’t completed your multiple intelligence survey, today, you’ll get a chance to do that as we review in detail what your intelligence means for you and our class.

Thursday, 8/6 – Today is branding day!  What is your brand? How can you market you?

Friday, 8/7 – Today is Pitch Day!  You will pitch your brand today – aka present your logo/symbol and give us some insight into what makes your brand.

HW – You need a copy of The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros by Monday, 8/17.

Pre-Course Reading Requirements for Summer Reading 2015-16

Pebblebrook High School Summer Reading-combined – This describes each of the pre-course reading assignments for courses 2015-16.

AP Literatue, Honor’s British Literature and Multi-Cultural Literature howtoreadliteraturelikeaprofessor_ft

Advanced Composition/Honors Advanced Composition – on-writing-well thank-you-for-arguing

Blog Assignment Instructions:

Summer reading blog assignment for AP Language and AP Literature 2015

How to Set Up a Blog: Setting Up a Blog on WordPress – American

Week of 5/11

Finally, EOCs are over and we are back in session!!


Monday, 5/11 – Today, we will continue with our annotations in House on Mango Street – “Papa who wakes up tired in the dark” through “Minerva writes poems” are the chapters assigned today.  Many of you should take advantage of the extra credit opportunity and complete more than 10 annotations per chapter.

Tuesday, 5/12 – We will continue to research The Help through film analysis and historically accurate documents from the 60s to prepare for our last socratic seminar working specifically on these standards.

LS1 Initiate and participate effectively in a range of collaborative discussions (oneon-one, in groups, and teacher-led) with diverse partners on grades 11–12 topics, texts, and issues, building on others’ ideas and expressing their own clearly and persuasively.

a. Come to discussions prepared, having read and researched material under study; explicitly draw on that preparation by referring to evidence from texts

and other research on the topic or issue to stimulate a thoughtful, well-reasoned exchange of ideas.

b. Work with peers to promote civil, democratic discussions and decision making, set clear goals and deadlines, and establish individual roles as


c. Propel conversations by posing and responding to questions that probe reasoning and evidence; ensure a hearing for a full range of positions on a

topic or issue; clarify, verify, or challenge ideas and conclusions; and promote divergent and creative perspectives.

d. Respond thoughtfully to diverse perspectives; synthesize comments, claims, and evidence made on all sides of an issue; resolve contradictions when

possible; and determine what additional information or research is required to deepen the investigation or complete the task.

Wednesday – Socratic Seminar Day #2

Thursday – House on Mango Street annotation day!

Friday – Flag Day!