Week of 2/7

Sunday, 2/7 – Twitter Chat #amlitsuperbowl to analyze advertisements. Follow and participate live for reading recovery assignment.

Rhetorical Analysis – Super Bowl 2016 Commercials            http://www.superbowlcommercials2016.org/

Answer the following six questions on one blog post titled, #amlitsuperbowl.  For each response, include a link to the commercial you are analyzing. Blog posts must be completed by Thursday, February 11th.

  1. What rhetorical appeal do you expect to see the most of in the ads? Ethos, pathos, logos. Why?
  2. How does the commercial get your attention?
  3. How does the ad appeal to thinking and reasoning (logos), establish trustworthiness of the advertisement and product (ethos), and/or play on the emotions and desires (pathos) in order to achieve its purpose. This question has 3 parts.
  4. How effective is the commercial in persuading viewers to purchase or use specific products or services?

. 4b. What makes the commercial effective?

  1. What is the primary message of the commercial? You should not simply state that the commercial encourages viewers to purchase or use a product of service. You should identify the reasons that the commercial suggests viewers should purchase or use a product or service.
  2. What characteristics of America do the commercials reflect?

Monday, 2/8 – Housekeeping – quiz and blog posts have been graded and will be distributed today.

Following up from Friday’s language House on Mango assignment, we will review run-on sentences. Character analysis continues as we review drama literary elements and compare the text of The Crucible to the movie version. Character analysis from the film is formative assessment for the Sociogram, our unit assessment.

Character Analysis Video Review   Drama Elements Video Review

HW – Complete SOAPSTone analysis chapters 1-7, House on Mango Street.

Tuesday, 2/9 – Today, we combine House on Mango Street assignments – blog post and reading comprehension quiz. Tone and Mood are our focus today – using The Crucible, we will continue to analyze what techniques an author uses to create tone.

Tone Analysis check out Step #5 and see the connection between sentence structure and tone.

HW – Review character analysis of The Crucible.

Wednesday, 2/10 – We continue our grammar conversations with fragments and run-on’s. And an analysis of The Crucible continues focusing on character analysis, purpose and occasion.

HW – Review character analysis of The Crucible.

Thursday, 2/11 – We will review our Sociogram assignment (unit assessment) and we will review our Multi-Genre research project for the semester. This group project will focus on issues that teenagers face in America. The project has a combination of individual assignments and group assignments. The first assignment is to decide your topic.

HW – Sociogram (unit assessment)

Friday, 2/12 – Today, you will present your sociograms in a gallery style presentation.



Week of 2/1

Monday, 2/1 – Your critique letters on the logo presentations from last week are due today. Today, we will reflect on the marshmallow challenge and then we will participate in a gallery walk. Today’s gallery walk will introduce us to the eight literary periods in American Literature. LiteraryPeriodChart     CornellNotes – Literary Periods

4th Period – we will finish remainder of Logo Presentations.

HW – This I Believe essays are due on Thursday, 2/4. Literary Period Quiz on Friday, 2/5

Tuesday, 2/2 – Today, we begin The Crucible by Arthur Miller. Arthur Miller – NewYorker

HW – This I Believe essays are due on Thursday, 2/4

Wednesday, 2/3 – We continue our analysis of The Crucible today.

HW – This I Believe essays are due on Thursday, 2/4 Literary Period Quiz on Friday, 2/5

You will complete a character analysis CharacterAssignment

Thursday, 2/4 – Today, we will return to House on Mango Street and our SOAPSTone analysis. Also, today, we will upload our This I Believe essays to our blogs.

Friday, 2/5 – Today is our literary period quiz. You will need to know at least two authors from each literary period, the characteristics of the literary period and the name of each of the 8 literary periods.  After the quiz, we will review our project for the Crucible.

HW – Sociogram due Friday, 2/12.



Week of 1/25

Monday- today, we begin a new unit. We will use the Salem Witch Trials document based question (DBQ) to practice our SOAPSTone analysis skills. You will participate in a gallery walk and analyze. Get ready bodily-kinesthetic learners. This one is for you…and everyone else who hates Monday’s.

Tuesday- another look at House on Mango Street. Today’s focus is on tone analysis. Your warm-up will lead to a great debate on society’s views on boys and girls. And then the debate goes straight into chapter 3. It’s going to be a great day. 

Wednesday- another day looking at House on Mango Street. I can’t wait to see your analysis progress as we dig deeper into these vignettes. 

Thursday- finally, we get to see and hear your logos. I know they are looking great by now. We will review the This I Believe essay instructions and get drafting. Essays will be posted to blog next week. 

Friday- well, it’s a new unit and you have a new group; so, let’s see what you can do with some spaghetti noodles, tape and a marshmallow. I can’t wait to see the writing process take shape in this #makerspace lesson. Get ready interpersonal and bodily-kinesthetic learners. This should be a great way to end the week. 

Week 1/18

Monday, 1/18 – Today is the day we pause to celebrate and honor Martin Luther King, Jr

Tuesday, 1/19 – Today, we will create our expectations for our class this semester. We will review the syllabus as well.





Wednesday, 1/20 – Common Assessment Day! We will practice EOC test taking procedures as we take our first common assessment. The assessment is 50 multiple choice questions with about 8 reading passages. Results from this test will dictate our first unit exam. Although this assignment will not affect your grade in this course; your performance will reflect the direction of the class. A major part of taking ownership of your own learning is identifying what you do not know. Part of taking this assessment will allow us to identify unknown vocabulary; sticky notes will be provided.

Thursday, 1/21 – Today we get to take a look at House on Mango Street and begin our reading strategy – SOAPSTone.

We will also get a chance to read some essays from This I Believe

Friday, 1/22 – And now, the day has come. Make your folder represent what you believe and who you are. Combine what you have learned about logos, explicit, inferences, brainstorming and be creative. Create your own logo to go with your This I Believe statement.


Week of 1/11

Monday – Today we are working on getting to know how we learn. We will review Multiple Intelligences and begin our work on the brainstorming process for a synthesis essay.

Tuesday – We have iPads today, so we are working on research.

Statue of Liberty    – printed article

Uncle Sam – printed article

Liberty Bell –  http://www.nps.gov/inde/learn/historyculture/stories-libertybell.htm

Jackie Robinson – printed article

Dodgers – http://mlb.mlb.com/la/history/timeline.jsp

Lincoln Statue – printed article

Presidents – http://www.history.com/topics/us-presidents     http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/americanexperience/collections/presidents/

Wednesday – We will work to complete our Multiple Intelligences synthesis essay and create the expecations for our class.

Thursday – Today, we will take a look at our beliefs. We will have a few sample texts of an essay called This I Believe. We will read these examples and then work to brainstorm and create

our beliefs in a symbol/logo on your folder.

HW – Create your own This I Believe essay.

Friday – We will work on the revision and editing process today and then work to present our This I Believe essays.

Next Week – House on Mango Street and Composition Books are due on Tuesday. We will also take our common assessment.