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Nothing Gold Can Stay

If and When Dreams Come True

RIchard Cory

We Wear the Mask

SOAPSTone (Speaker, Occasion, Audience, Purpose, Subject, Tone) is an acronym for a series of questions that students must first ask themselves, and then answer, as you analyze a text.

Who is the Speaker?
The voice that tells the story.

What is the Occasion?
The time and the place of the piece; the context that prompted the writing.

Who is the Audience? 
The group of readers to whom this piece is directed.

What is the Purpose?
The reason behind the text.

What is the Subject? 
Students should be able to state the subject in a few words or phrases.

What is the Tone?
The attitude of the author.



Week of November 2nd – Gatsby, the Main Event

Monday, 11/2 – Today, we will participate in the Georgia Health Survey as we begin our day.  After we return to the class, we will review our Gatsby Party assessment and select the groups you will work with throughout this project.

Tuesday, 11/3 – You will begin your research on your party task today.

  1. Creating a backdrop of one location from the novel for the party photo station.
  2. Designing table cloths that include quotes about food, drinks, society, wealth, and the American Dream and give the significance for each.
  3. Creating a CD with 10-12 songs that would be played at one of Gatsby’s parties (music that was popular in the 1920’s.)
  4. Look up directions for the Charleston, Lindy Hop, and other popular dances during the 1920’s/Jazz Age AND teach it to the class.
  5. Research 1920’s fashion for men and women. Create 3 different costumes that would be suitable to wear during the 1920’s and model it during class.
  6. Research food and drinks that were served during the 1920’s and that were mentioned as food eaten / drinks consumed at Gatsby’s party (if it is an adult beverage, be creative and make it kid friendly)
  7. Make a T-Shirt for the following characters: Daisy, Nick, Gatsby, Myrtle, Tom, Jordan.
  8. Research party games and be prepared to teach those games to the class.

Wednesday, 11/4 – Today, we will finally get back to the text and focus on chapters 7 and 8. Complete this reading quiz on Chapter 7. And then participate in a read aloud for chapter 8.

Thursday, 11/5 – Now that you have some of your preliminary research done, it’s time to map out a game plan and get focused on the rubric for the assessment. Today, you will have a workshop day to get you progressing on your event.

Friday, 11/6 – Today, we will finish the novel with chapter 8 and 9.

Extra Credit/Replacement Assignments

Want to know more about the 1920s and earn a little extra credit?

HistoricalConnectionsGuide – Reading Assignment (40 pts)

Complete the connections guide using the following websites as your resources.

World War I

World War I Video #1

Paris 1919 Trailer

18th Amendment


Harlem Renaissance

Harlem Renaissance

Jazz Age

Jazz Age

Technology in the 1920s

1929s inventions

Annotated Bibliography – Writing Assignment (40 pts)

Language – (40 pts)

Complete the multiple choice vocabulary analogies.  Must attend tutoring on Thursdays to receive.  This will replace any vocabulary quiz assignments during this unit.

Speaking and Listening – (40 pts)

Create a presentation on your blog on the 1920s.

Week of 10/19

Monday- today is a QR-code gallery walk.  QRCodeGalleryWalk  You will work in your groups with iPads to analyze the sources to get a better understanding of the 1920s and answer the overarching questions: What do you think the 1920’s say about America?  How well did Fitzgerald do in incorporating actual events into the novel?  Would you consider this novel to be historically accurate?

AnnotatedBibliography-QRGalleryWalk  use this document to get you started on your annotated bibliography.

HW- study chapter 3 vocabulary

Tuesday, 10/20- today, we will read chapter 3.  While we are reading the text, you will complete your analysis in your reader’s journal.  Once we have completed the reading, we will take a quiz on chapter 3 vocabulary.

HW- complete Reader’s Journal for Chapter 3.

Wednesday, 10/21- As our warm-up today, we will review Chapter 3 through a comprehension quiz. Chapter 3 – Study Guide.  We will read Chapter 4. While we are reading the text, you will complete your analysis in your reader’s journal.

HW- finish chapter 4 reader’s journal.

Thursday, 10/22- To begin today, we will review figurative language and symbols through a cloze note warm-up.  We will perform the reading of  Chapter 5.  After our performance, we will have our vocabulary quiz for both chapters 4 and 5 today (10 words total)

HW- No Reader’s Journal for Chapter 5.

Friday, 10/23- today, we will connect The Great Gatsby to the real world and explore the role of ethics and sacrifices made to achieving the American Dream.


Week of 10/12

Listen to Gatsby online

Monday, 10/12- today we will complete chapter 1 of The Great Gatsby. 

Tuesday, 10/13- today we will check for comprehension of chapter 1 and take our first vocabulary quiz. 

Wednesday, 10/14- today is PSAT day. 1st period reports to room 404 and 2nd period reports to room 107. We will analyze chapter 2 with a pre-reading activity using an EOC strategy of reading questions first and then looking in the passage. 

Thursday, 10/15- today, we will read chapter 2 and work on the reader’s journal for this chapter. We will review chapter 2 vocabulary as well. 

Friday, 10/16- today, we will make sure chapter 1&2 reader’s journals are complete and take our second vocabulary quiz (chapter 2). 

Week of 10/5

Monday, 10/5 – Today, we will continue our analysis of House on Mango Street.  For four chapters, you will complete either SIFTT or SOAPSTone analysis.  For Darius and the Clouds and And Some More, you will complete a quotation analysis journal entry.  Today, we are practicing a writing standard – W9 Draw evidence from literary texts.  While you are working today, we will continue our individual student conferences we began on Friday.

Tuesday, 10/6 – Today, we will take a field trip to the media center to check out The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. When we return to class, we will analyze the image on the front cover of the novel as a pre-reading activity.  While you are working on the OPTIC analysis, we will continue to have student conferences.

Get to know more about the title itself…

Wednesday, 10/7 – Today, we begin our Great Gatsby unit with a new group created by you and by reviewing the major themes and symbols in the novel. You will complete cloze notes on these literary elements.  We will utilize a reader’s notebook for our during reading activities for each of the chapters in this novel.  We will also review academically appropriate vocabulary for each chapter.  We will take a look at this reader’s notebook assignments and begin reviewing the vocabulary.  As time allows, we will begin reading of Chapter 1.

Thursday, 10/8 – Today, we will dive deep into Chapter 1 and the analysis of the reading as well. Throughout this unit, we are focusing on themes and symbols.  This is a literary focused unit, so we will focus our analysis on author’s choice of literary elements. As we analyze Chapter 1, we will focus on these choices that Fitzgerald makes. Today, we will also take our first vocabulary quiz for this unit.


HW – Complete reader’s journal chapter 1.

Chapter 1 Theme Analysis

Chapter 1 Narrator/Character Analysis

Friday, 10/9 – Today, we will continue in chapter 2.  We have a new set of vocabulary words and a new chapter to analyze.

HW – Complete reader’s journal chapter 2.

Week of 9/28 – Welcome Back!

Monday 9/28 – today we are working on the Compare/Contrast text structure in our writing.  We will use some fun, get to know what your partners did over Fall Break sharing to create this writing.

HW – Extra Credit is due tomorrow!

Tuesday, 9/29 – today, we have our socratic seminar in 1st/4th periods.  In 2nd period, we will have an open discussion forum on current hot topics.

Did you know this week was National Banned Books week? Catcher in the Rye as discussed in this Socratic Seminar example often appears on the banned book list.  What makes a book ban worthy?  What books do you think should be banned? Does just talking about banned books make you want to read a book that is banned?

Wednesday, 9/30 –  Housekeeping Day! let’s review our Unit 2 assignments and make sure everyone has everything turned in!  Then, we will move into our common assessment!  1st/2nd periods – we will work on our extended response prompt. 4th period – we will work on the multiple choice section.

Thursday, 10/1 – Common Assessment Day #2 – today in 1st/2nd periods, we will complete the multiple choice section today and finish the extended responses we began yesterday. 4th period – we will finish the extended response section today.

Friday, 10/2 – Today we will have student conferences and complete a few chapters in House on Mango Street.  We really need to get back with Esperanza and find out what she has been up to lately!

HW – Prepare for new unit on Monday!